Swisher Sweets Diamonds


Swisher Sweets Diamonds.
Fresh and from the states.
2 individually wrapped cigars per box.
2 cigars for 99c + tax + ship.
Compared to backwoods, phillies and the other swishers, these are not as good and you’ll really notice when unwrapped and rerolling.
Bang-for-buck here.



If you want to purchase one of the finest cigar brands, then Swisher Sweets should be at the top of your list. Swisher Sweets has become known for producing premium cigars, and cigar smokers everywhere enjoy them on a regular basis. Swisher Sweets Cigars are a consistently popular, American cigar. Swisher Sweets are a mild, sweet smoke that have a pleasant aroma. These machine-rolled cigars have been on the market since 1958.


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