Hey all and welcome to my first store!

First off, I’d like to say thanks for checking out my first store. It means a lot just that you’re here having a glance.

Feel free to hit me up at get420online@outlook.com to say hi or discuss an order, or drop a line in the comment box at the bottom.

Why use get420online.com?

I am unaffiliated with any other website, no massive mail order chain of pump and dump moms/bait and switch routines. Proper labeling and information and no sugar-coating products – straight forward products with a straight forward site. My goal is to get you amazing products at tight margins. I offer products that other moms do not carry. These products are from smaller private acquisitions larger moms ignore because the volume just isn’t there. I can also guarantee better quality for the same reason. Commercial grows just don’t have the same attention to detail. Living Soil Organic (LSO) or organic soil or organic hydroponic, micro, limited, small batch, private, craft, local and national, ethically sourced, small grower promotion is what get420online is all about. Real genetics, real pheno hunts, and guys that smoke their own stuff.

Cartridges (Carts) information.

Cartridges, also called vape cartridges or vape carts, are a way to inhale marijuana and other cannabis products.

Honey Oil carts can burn when air bubbles form around the cartridges wick. For best experience, we recommend you warm your cartridge so that the air bubble moves away from the wick.

Live Resin carts can burn when air bubbles form around the cartridges wick. This is especially true with 100% Live Resin carts. For best experience, we recommend you warm your cartridge so that the air bubble moves away from the wick.  Should you force to vape a cartridge, you will get a burnt taste which will remain through to the end of the cartridge and will not be pleasant to taste or smell! Do NOT use a battery that allows variable heat as heating these too quickly or too hot will also have the same results.

FSE/Diamond carts can also have the same problem. A general rule of thumb for all carts, the more viscous the cart is acting, the lesser chance of burning it has.

Delta 9 Distillate carts have 3% added terpenes and no fillers.

Burnt coils are non-refundable.

Yo, dude, where are all your products?

Any traction helps me build inventory to benefit you, the customer, get better variety.  Bear with me while I ramp up, and thanks for the orders thus far. The inventory has doubled in a year. Thank you everyone! Other times the menu can look scarce, especially in the flower category, if things get bought up while im waiting for a new cure to finish. I would prefer to run out of product than overstock and have something sit too long. No flower product has lasted longer than 3months at g4o. Bit off topic now, but all concentrates are refrigerated for short term storage, and vacced and frozen for long term (if applicable).

I checked my junk mail and still didn’t receive e-transfer instructions.

Please contact me. Info at bottom of page.

Do you take cryptocurrency as payment?

Yes. Several. Please contact me to exchange tags and addresses. Info at bottom of page.

Shipping Information

I will only refund packages with signature required or to a flex address, and with clear video footage opening of package and vacuum sealed plastic in focused, visible, continual video play.  Too much theft and too many he said/she said circumstances arise without these two standards. If you are unsure what a flex account is, its similar to a PO Box and is through Canada Post. Its free, easy, and fast. Google it.

As of around summer 2022, Canada Post has business account savings reduced to almost nothing, and added a massive spike in fuel surcharges. I kept a free Expedited at $125, and added a new free Xpresspost shipping at $350. I also added an option for paid Xpresspost shipping under $350 and paid Expedited under $125.

Privacy Information

For visitors no logs are kept, and servers are purged daily hosted offshore via VPN. The only information stored on this website are input by the user. No email lists will ever be sold by this website. Ever.

Please see the rest of our privacy policy.


Email: get420online@outlook.com