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Been lacking attention here. Carts are gone until next update, all edibles other than 500mg keys are gone until next update. I have more flower than what site shows, head over to the About page and scroll to the bottom and get in contact for more info. Its really hard to keep the site updated when the stock rolls through so quickly. (oct 21)

Fresh 500mg Sour Keys and new soft candy edibles on site. (july 6)

Put some Canada Day sale prices up on fse. (july 1)

Afghani Skunk gone. FPOG gone. Waiting to move a bit more before sourcing new flower. (june 14)

Blue Fin Tuna gone. New Carts. (may 27)

Trainwreck x Orange Flambe gone. (may 10)

Blue Hawaiian gone. Five new strains on site: El Jefe, Platinum GSC, Afghani Skunk, Bubba Spritz, and Rockstar Tuna. (may 6)

Trainwreck x Orange Flambe on site. Grape Stomper gone. All edibles are new and fresh! as of april 18th, 2023. (april 22)

All new Cartridges. Waiting for a bit more stock to clear out in the flower department before sourcing new. (april 13)

Sour Tangie gone, picking up some Trainwreck x Orange Flambé F2 for something a little more niche. Still working on cartridges. (march 22)

Shipping update: Canada Post has business account savings reduced to almost nothing, and added a massive spike in fuel surcharges. I kept a free Expedited at $125, and added a new free Xpresspost shipping at $350. I also added an option for paid Xpresspost shipping under $350 and paid Expedited under $125.

Nothing is bag ends and everything received will be as pictures portray or descriptions define.

Every flower is organic hydroponic, organic, or living soil organically (LSO) grown in small craft ACMPR batches without pgr, without shit chemicals, with proper flushes, with expensive feminized seeds and cuts with proven genetics from known breeders and hunters by people that smoke their own products. I promise some of the best flowers you’ll find without a heavy price tag. True quads.

and for anyone that has made an order THANK YOU and thank you for the continued support.


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