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40mg per edible.
Assorted flavours. (see pictures)
No plant taste. They actually taste pretty good, be careful.

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Coca Cola Bottles, Rainbow Belts, Fuzzy Peaches, Sour Bananas, Jolly Rancher Softchew, Watermelons

1 review for Candies/Gummies -out of stock

  1. NextCell

    Bag Appeal – The gummies were shaped well and had a generous sugary coating. They were coloured nicely, but i did notice some staining due to the distilate application. Overall they are well made and their texture was normal and seemed fairly fresh. 8.2/10

    Smell – Each candy smells like its given name; Sour banana, fuzzy peaches and jolly rancher gummie. The aroma isnt strong but it sure smells good! 8/10

    Taste – Every gummie tasted great but my favorite was the sour banana and fuzzy peach. I hardly tasted any THC in any of them and the texture was soft and not rubbery. 8.5/10

    Buzz/Potency – I had 3 which total 120 mg and my buzz started within 30 minutes. It peaked at around 2 hours and then very slowly tapered off for another 3 hours. The high was spacey, fun, potent and at the end munchie inducing and with a big burn out/sedated feeling. Long lasting and strong! 8.5/10

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